6 Elements Outdoor Living - Product Safety Guidelines

Recommended Usage

For an efficient burning fire that delivers optimum heat and clean flames with minimal smoke, we recommend using kiln dried or fully seasoned wood logs with 12-15% moisture content, adding 1-2 logs per cycle.

We DO NOT recommend burning wood with over 18-20% moisture, as this can create tar or creosote residue/stains inside your product and produces undesirable excess smoke.

If you are unsure how much moisture your seasoned logs contain, we recommend purchasing a firewood moisture meter and these can be purchased online or from a stove retail specialist. This meter will ensure you are getting the most out of your product. If you take it with you when you are buying your wood, you can check it for humidity, to ensure you are buying properly seasoned wood.

The more experienced wood burning enthusiasts will be able to manage their log splitting and fuel burning techniques to enable efficient combustion in the event of a higher than normal moisture content.

Lump wood charcoal and charcoal briquettes can also be used as fuel, but ensure coals are always placed within the confines of the log tray and you avoid overloading the coal bed.


Safety Guidelines

  • As with any heating or fire product, being safety conscious in advance will ensure that your gathering, event or party avoids any unnecessary fire related accidents.

  • Please familiarise yourself with the basic guidelines of fire safety before use of our products.

  • The below guidelines should also help to ensure you enjoy using our products and avoid any fire related incidents:

  • Assess the location of your proposed outdoor firepit area in advance - evaluate any over hanging trees or bushes, general wind directions and consider due attention to your neighbours air quality.

  • Ensure there is a at least 2 metre distance around your product area free of obstructions and potential fire hazards.

  • Never overload the fire stack, loading just 2 logs at a time should suffice to keep the fire burning constantly.

  • DO NOT USE petrol, paraffin, paraffin based firelighters or any other flammable liquids to light or maintain the fire.

  • Keep children and pets away from live fire and ensure they are always supervised when around our products.

  • Try and assign at least one (sensible) adult to monitor the fire at all times, and to be the dedicated log stoker (we never recommend involving alcohol when supervising any fire).

  • Advise all guests to take care around the fire product and always maintain a safe distance from the fire, although this is generally dictated by the amount of heat output you will be receiving.

  • Warn your guests NOT TO lean over the fire, exhaust direction of the fire or over the grill area, it can get very hot and can be very deceiving.

  • 6 Elements wood burning products are designed for OUTDOOR USE ONLY and are not to be used indoors or in a confined space under any circumstances whatsoever.

  • Before lighting, please ensure the product is on a flat and stable surface and at least 2 metres away from any materials that could catch fire.

  • We would always suggest having a small CO2 extinguisher and fire blanket in your household and a bucket filled with damp sand in the garden vicinity, ready to apply, in the case of any fire emergencies.

  • Please bear in mind that with temperatures over 60 degrees Centigrade, the human nervous system cannot respond quick enough to move before skin cell damage occurs.

  • Never ever touch the surface or any part of the wood burning products without wearing leather gauntlets.

  • Only load logs when wearing suitable leather gauntlets. Standard wood burner gloves are ideal.

  • In the event of any accidents, always have Aloe Vera gel ready in your medical kit to apply to any fire burns as soon as they happen. Try to keep application on for at least a few hours until you can see a doctor, if necessary. This does not replace professional medical advice, but Aloe Vera is the best natural burn healer based on advice and experience.

  • Ensure you have a set of suitable, durable fire accessories, including heavy duty tongs and a poker for ember and log management during the fire cycle.

  • Stack your fuel in a tidy manner away from the area of your guests, leaving stray logs or bags of fuels laying around will encourage the opportunity of tripping over and subsequent accidents.

What to do if your fire stack rages out of control and you need to reduce your heat output:

  • NEVER add or pour water over a fire.

  • Safely try and reduce as much of your burning fuel to embers in the log tray without causing sprites, reduce them down to also block the lower air flow through the fuel;

  • Find the largest log you have with the highest water content (e.g. a damp old log or soak an aerated dry log in warm water) and then gently place it over the embers.

  • The water content in the damp log will reduce the heat flux and give off a little steam and smoke but will be slow to pyrolyze/carboxylate ready to burn, the fire stack should start to calm slowly by this point.

  • Sprinkling damp sand over the fuel can also work in emergencies; however please be aware that sand can turn to silicate (glass) in intense heat and should only be as a last resort due to the potential cleaning of the log tray.


  • If this occurs, a few taps on the cooled log tray with a hammer will remove any glass residue - use safety glasses and gloves in this instance and ensure the glass is disposed of into a container for safe disposal.



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Updated 22/07/2020