The Vega Outdoor Fireplace was conceived by 6 Elements to be the ultimate outdoor fireplace woodburner experience possible.


Created to function in any weather that the British Isles can offer, whilst delivering a huge amount of heat during any conditions, even heavy wind and rain does not cause a concern to the Vega Outdoor Fireplace.


The main woodburner body is constructed from extremely heavy gauge 304 stainless steel and 316 grade hardware, while the front panel and doors are lined with ultra high specification SCHOTT ceramic glass panels, to give a high heat and light output while staying incredibly tough under live wood fire heat. The front glazing panel is manufactured from one of the highest specification heat proof and shock proof glasses, with the highest heat and light refraction index, that SCHOTT has to offer.


The flue has been sized at a massive 125mm (5") diameter with a 1300mm vent stack to ensure start up smoke is quickly and efficiently whisked into the atmosphere and away from your outdoor area. We also supply a vent stack cowl and vent stack support bracket for final installation.

If you require a longer vent stack to project through a roof surface or over a structure please just make a custom request through our Contact Form.


The rear and upper internal panels are lined with heavy gauge vermiculite board to insulate and reduce heat escape from the rear and upper surfaces and concentrate the heat toward the front and sides of the fireplace.


Both sides of the main body are enclosed with double hinge mount heavy duty doors with double latch safety locks on both doors for ultimate safety.


The Vega Outdoor Fireplace can be supplied as a plinth mounted model as shown for installation on a solid plinth or brick frame structure or it can be supplied as more of a stand alone woodburner design with a ultra heavy duty mount frame, very similar to our Proteus Outdoor Wood Stove.


Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss more about Vega for your outdoor area.


Product Features:

  • Compatible Fuel - Seasoned wood
  • Highly durable and efficient during wood burning
  • Superior 304 grade stainless steel main body with a high quality construction
  • Superior 316 grade stainless steel hinges and hardware
  • 125mm diameter x 1300mm standard vent stack with support bracket and vent cowl (if needed)
  • Internal rear and upper Vermiculate panels to insulate and direct heat toward the user
  • High specification SCHOTT ceramic glass in the front panel and side doors
  • Double side doors with double safety latch locks on both doors for safety
  • Removable internal Log Tray for cleaning embers and ash


Installation Notices -


Plinth Mounted Style - Always ensure the Vega Outdoor Fireplace is situated on a solid stable brick surface or structure, capable of withstanding at least 250 Kg evenly distributed. The Plinth mounted version will be supplied with ultra high performance heat proof matting to insulate the woodburner base plate from the mount structure, this matting is capable of withstanding 1200 degrees centigrade.


Frame Mounted style - Always ensure the Vega Outdoor Fireplace is situated on a solid stable brick or concrete surface, capable of withstanding at least 250 Kg on four points (62.5kg per load point). The four load points will bear down at the outer four corners with dimensions of 700mm wide by 450mm deep. We will supply technical drawings prior to delivery or installation.

    Vega Outdoor Fireplace Woodburner

    • Delivery Information

      Vega Outdoor Fireplaces are hand built to order.

      Please allow 20 working days for manufacture and delivery.

      Free UK Mainland Delivery

    • Product Specifications

      Body Material: Pure 304 Grade Stainless Steel

      Hardware Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel

      Glazing Panels: SCHOTT Ceramic Glass

      Width: 0.75 M

      Depth: 0.5 M

      Height: 1.9 M

      Weight: 150 Kg

      Shipping Weight: 160 Kg