You can now enjoy the experience of your favourite outdoor wood burner in new areas of your outdoor space with ultimate safety.


Scutum (The Shield) was specifically designed for those times when you want to relax on your decking or patio, enjoying your outdoor wood fire, without the concern and safety hazards of downward radiated heat damage to your outdoor flooring surface.


Scutum is manufactured in our production standard brushed finish 304 grade stainless steel, with a natural mineral central core plate capable of withstanding 1200° Centigrade.



  • Heat protection temperature rating of 800° Centigrade
  • Upper and lower body plate materials are smooth edged 304 stainless steel plates
  • Multi laminated sandwich construction for superior strength and stiffness with long life environmental resistance
  • Natural mineral composite central core plate – Temperature resistant to 1200° Centigrade
  • Effective heat protection area of 50cm x 50cm (0.25m Sq.)


When using your outdoor woodburner or firepit, the Scutum heat shield is designed for heat protection on the following surfaces:

  • Wood decking surfaces
  • Composite decking surfaces
  • Fragile/high quality slab and stone style patio surfaces
  • Block paving
  • Brickwork
  • Garden lawns (for temporary nightly use)


Suggested Usage Instructions:

  • Please use your Scutum shield plate directly on your floor surface requiring heat protection and safely position your fire pit of choice directly in the centre of the plate.
  • Ensure that the Scutum shield plate is placed in a freely drainable area (such as the intended patio or decking space requiring protection) and do not allow Scutum to sit in a collected or pooled area of water as this may degrade the internal core plate over a period of time.
  • For safety, always ensure your outdoor fireplace is situated with at least 1.2M perimeter air gap distance from any outdoor combustible materials such as decking handrails, fence panels and decorative features.



      • SC-0001 - 50cm x 50cm x 3.0cm - 6kg weight
      • SC-0002 - 100cm x 50cm x 3.0cm - 12kg weight
      • SC-0003 - 100cm x 61cm x 3.0cm - 15kg weight


      Safety Notice:

      Always ensure outdoor wood burning products are used on a solid stable surface with adequate heat protection.

        Scutum Heat Shield - Decking & Patio Firepit Protection Plate

        SKU: SC-0001
        • Product Information

          The Scutum Heat Shield can be supplied in custom larger sizes to accomodate larger heat protection areas.

          Please Contact Us should you wish to discuss this option.

        • Delivery Information

          Scutum Heat Shields are hand built to order.

          Please allow 15 working days for manufacture and delivery.

          Free UK Mainland Delivery.

        • Product Specifications


          Outer Plates - Pure 304 Grade Stainless Steel

          Core - High temperature Natural Mineral Composite

          Width/Depth: 0.50 M

          Height: 3.0 CM

          Weight: 5 Kg

          Shipping Weight: 6 Kg