Beautiful and contemporary, the Betelgeuse (Beetle-Juice) Stainless Steel Hybrid Firepit and Wood Grill takes the traditional drum style brazier up to a whole new level.


Its unique flame rim and etched out elements over the surface not only creates a beautiful focal point when lit, but also provides a clever dual function for supporting skewered food; perfect for barbeque spits and toasting marshmallows.


Its smart design means it delivers a much larger heat distribution than traditional outdoor fire pits or braziers, making Betelgeuse the perfect heater for socialising outside with family or friends, when you want to stay warm while enjoying the outdoors, night or day.


Betelgeuse (The centre star of the winter hexagon) comes with a removable internal log tray and a durable base ash pan which reduces low surface heat burn, provides a robust base and safely collects fallen ash and embers for easy disposal with its floor pan.


There is also an optional use grill plate accessory, which fits on top of the 8 flame points to transform it into a wood grill barbeque – perfect for grilling your favourite food.


Product Features:

  • Compatible Fuel - Dual fuel options - Seasoned wood and charcoal can be used with Betelgeuse
  • Highly durable and efficient during wood burning
  • Superior 304 grade stainless steel, high quality construction
  • Cut-out handles within burner body for easy transportation
  • Removable internal Log Tray for cleaning embers and ash
  • Base ash pan, eliminates low surface heat burn & collects fallen ash and embers
  • Etched out elements over drum to optimise flame visibility and maximise heating efficiency
  • Betelgeuse can also be used as a wood and charcoal fired grill with the application of the supplied grill plate


Safety Notice:

Always ensure wood burning products are used on a solid stable surface, ideally patios or wood decking with protection such as the Scutum Heat Shield.

    Betelgeuse Brazier - Hybrid Firepit Wood Grill

    • Product Information

      Betelgeuse can be customised with up to 30 characters of your own personal text. Select the custom option, add your text into the custom text field and we will arrange the artwork for your approval before we cut any materials.

    • Delivery Information

      Betelgeuse Braziers are hand built to order.

      Please allow 15 working days for manufacture and delivery.

      Free UK Mainland Delivery

    • Product Specifications

      Material: Pure 304 Grade Stainless Steel

      Diameter: 0.40 M

      Width/Depth: 0.45 M

      Height: 0.60 M

      Weight: 30 Kg

      Shipping Weight: 36 Kg