The 6 Elements book list! Everything to do with outdoor wood fire

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Fear not, you are no longer lost in the forest! Here is the 6 Elements suggested best books to read on everything to do with wood and charcoal fire!

Chopping, storage, drying, cooking and outdoor living, it’s all covered with these excellent reads.

If you need a little bit of guidance with your wood and outdoor skills, whether it is cutting and preparing your wood, or you just want to learn some great outdoor cooking techniques on live fire, then you will find what you need from these fantastic publications. I’ve been camping, cutting wood and cooking on wood for since I was a young lad (30+ years) and I’m still learning from the experts, and there is no reason that you can’t either.

And there really is nothing better for the soul than sitting by the fire and having a good read, with some peace and quiet, with the gentle crackle of a log burning. With a glass of your favourite beverage of course….

To help you find the books at the library or on relevant websites, I have added the ISBN numbers to make the search a little easier. Please have a good look around for them, have a sample read and see which book lights your fire and gets your ideas blazing for your next outdoor season’s pursuits.

I will update the list as an ongoing process as new books are released or I find some more fireside gems to share with you. Enjoy!

(Note: The books are in no particular order apart from the first book at the top of the list, Norwegian Wood, this is my personal favourite, go-to, must-have, reference manual on wood preparation, suitable for any serious amateurs, or even professionals for that matter. Start there and I don't believe you will never go wrong.)

Norwegian wood – Lars Mytting – ISBN: 9780867052551

Food from the Fire – Niklas Ekstedt - ISBN: 9781910904343

Mallman on Fire – Francis Mallman - ISBN: 9781579655372

Finding Fire – Lennox Hastie - ISBN: 9781743793008

Project Fire – Steve Raichlen - ISBN: 9781523502769

Fire Food – DJ BBQ - ISBN: 9781787131545

Fire and Smoke – Rich Harris - ISBN: 9780857833501

The Backyard Fire Cookbook – Linda Ly - ISBN: 9780760363430

Firepit Cooking – Vanessa Bante - ISBN: 9781423641728

Do Wild Baking: Food, Fire and Good Times – Tom Herbert - ISBN: 9781907974359

Feast by Firelight: Simple Recipes for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors – Emma Frisch - ISBN: 9780399579912

Feeding The Fire – Joe Carroll - ISBN: 9781579655570

Feast from the Fire: 65 summer recipes to cook and share outdoors - Valerie Aikman-Smith - ISBN: 9781849759670

The Great Outdoors: 120 Recipes for Adventure Cooking - Markus Saemmer - ISBN: 9783899559484

Cooking with Fire – Paula Marcoux - ISBN: 9781612121581

Smoke and Flames – Paragon Books - ISBN: 9781472373663

I hope you enjoy some of these books on this suggested list and if you think I have missed any that should be on here, please do not hesitate to mail me directly by clicking my name below.

I would also be stoked to receive any outdoor living related books from new and existing authors that would like 6 Elements to review their publications on our blog.

Keep the fire burning bright Fireflies! Until next time... Jamie

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