6 Elements "A Night By The Fire" Event - September 2018

6 Elements had a flaming good time at our recent product showcase "A Night By The Fire" live fire event at The Strangers Home in Bradfield, Essex.

Live fire, a great tipi, hot chocolate, toasted marshmallow s'mores, family, friends and music... what more could you want?

We thought it would a great idea to invite a few 6 Elements friends to come over and say hello and huddle around the fire to toast some marshmallows and have a good old fireside chat. With litres of hot chocolate of course...

6 Elements had had a bit of a busy schedule during 2018 and saw us exhibiting at around 10 country shows (I've lost count now..), so we decided to say goodbye to the summer in style with a little party in September, while we still had some remnants of warmth and sunshine.

We fired up the Sirius Fire Spike Chiminea, Betelgeuse Brazier and Fornax Firebox to show all the different ways they can be used as either patio heaters, central visual displays for guests and as toasting and cooking grills. We used a variety of seasoned wood, hottie logs (compressed wood chip logs) and lump-wood charcoal in combination to show how our products can deliver different heat levels and plasma flame height depending on what type of fuel you apply for your requirement of use.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who supported us through 2018 by visiting us at the night by the fire, various shows and fayres, purchasing our products and generally giving us some really positive feedback for us to move forward with in 2019.

And last but not least I would also like to thank our friends, Kelly from Mallow Magic supplied the divine hand made marsh mallows for live toasting over the wood fire and Aimee from Dotty Doodle Face-painting supplied the handy skills to create some really impressive visages.

Here are some of the special moments of our guests having fun by the fire throughout the afternoon and evening.

Well we hope you enjoyed that s'more!!

We will be in touch when we have our next "A Night By The Fire!" and we hope to see you there. Please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for our event notifications! (And don't forget your 10% 6 Elements store discount code).

Keep the fire burning bright! Until next time.


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