The 6 Elements Outdoor Living Ethos

6 Elements Outdoor Living was created around an ethos to only manufacture our custom designed products using the finest quality stainless steel engineering materials, with the caveat that all parts and finished products must be manufactured and hand-built within the UK, rather than sourcing from other cheaper cost countries. We also strived to create a British product range that was not made from imported, outsourced parts, which is common in todays manufacturing and garden retail environment.

Our outdoor wood burning product range was developed following decades of engineering design experience, a lifelong love of being outside in nature and a desire to create a truly British, innovative and high quality outdoor fire product range that delivered more than just heat.

From personal experience, we felt that a lot of the outdoor fire products on the market available to the general public were not really of a suitable quality, that would sometimes last no more than 2-3 seasons. And on speaking to hundreds of people who also had a love of outdoor fire, they expressed the same feeling. We wanted to change that perception and situation.

We also care passionately about the environment: which is why our products are created from raw materials derived from the recycling of steel materials (stainless steel is recycled steel with additives) which can then be recycled again at end of useful life.


As we manufacture totally in stainless steel, we don't use any coatings that involve using polluting Volatile Organic Compounds in the form of painted surfaces, stove enameling materials or Teflon coatings due to their environmental damage. There is also the obvious benefits to human health of cooking on hygienic stainless steel surfaces rather than other materials currently in use.

When it comes to being ecologically minded with regards to fuel, we always recommend using only sustainable fuels such as seasoned fire wood, braaiwood, wood pellets, smoking chips, lump wood charcoal and charcoal briquettes, for a more natural outdoor experience with a lower carbon footprint.

The 6 Elements brand ethos is essentially built around the 6 natural elements of Fire, Wood, Metal, Air, Water and Earth, which we believe ultimately combine to create and guide everything that we do as an environmentally responsible business.

We hope you enjoy our products and we do hope you get some more outdoor living in your life.

The 6 Elements Team x