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Proteus Outdoor Stove


The sublime Proteus is a unique and practical outdoor wood burner made in the style of traditional indoor wood burning stoves but manufactured in superior quality stainless steel, creating its “must have” appeal.

Despite its modest size, this is a robust outdoor fuel burner and a powerhouse of reliable heat, emitting maximum heat even when it’s raining. Its smaller footprint, means Proteus is perfectly formed for all areas of garden but ideal where space is also limited, providing contained, safe heat. Designed especially to enhance and prolong your enjoyment and time outside, even on the coolest of days and/or nights.

The Proteus wood burner features a versatile upper hot plate that can be used to heat suitable sealed grill pans, saucepans and kettles due to its convenient stove top plate design.



  • Highly durable and efficient during wood burning
  • Superior 304 grade stainless steel, high quality construction
  • Upper stove plate for cooking food and heating liquids
  • Removable internal Log Tray for cleaning embers and ash



  • Width: 0.5 M
  • Depth: 0.4 M
  • Height: 1 M
  • Weight: 35 Kg

Always ensure wood burning products are used on a solid stable surfaces, ideally patios or wood decking. Proteus can be secured to a suitable ground surface using the 10mm holes provided in its base structure.


Sapphire House
Cristal Business Centre
Knightsdale Road

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