Fornax Firebox
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Fornax Firebox Grill


Fornax (The Furnace) is a unique hybrid designed to utilise the heat of an open fire pit combined with a wood grill function, using a bespoke grill rack which sits on top to transform it into a wood burning barbeque - ideal for smaller parties and groups to enjoy the heat from the fire and also cook food, collectively.

Easy to use, just light your fire and enjoy the warmth of the glowing fire, then once the logs are glowing embers, place the grill rack on the top and place your food onto the grill. Once the food is cooked, just remove the grill rack and enjoy the warmth of the Fornax wood burner while eating your wood smoked grilled food.

Fornax comes with a removable internal Log Tray for easy removal and cleaning of embers and ash. It also features a durable, Base Ash Pan to eliminate low surface heat burn, as well as providing a robust floor pan that also safely collects fallen ash and embers for clean and easy disposal.



  • Highly durable and efficient during wood burning
  • Superior 304 grade stainless steel, high quality construction
  • Removable Grill Rack for wood fired food cooking
  • Cut-out handles within burner body for easy transportation
  • Removable internal Log Tray for cleaning embers and ash
  • Base ash pan, reduces low surface heat burn & collects fallen ash and embers
  • Etched out elements within burner body, to optimise flame visibility and maximise heating efficiency



  • Width: 0.45 M
  • Depth: 0.45 M
  • Height: 0.5 M
  • Weight: 25 Kg

Always ensure wood burning products are used on a solid stable surface, ideally patios or wood decking. Fornax can be secured to a suitable ground surface using the 10mm holes provided in its base structure.


Sapphire House
Cristal Business Centre
Knightsdale Road

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