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  • Welcome back again to our blog, In this post we'll discuss how to prepare the fire bed ready for cooking food to perfection outdoors on a 6 Elements wood & charcoal grill.

    We currently make two hybrid fire pit models that offer the option of live direct fire grilling, which is our Betelgeuse Brazier and Fornax Firebox products. The focus of this article will be to guide our customers on the use of our particular products but the principles can also be applied to any other similar wood and charcoal fired product.

  • Fear not, you are no longer lost in the forest! Here is the 6 Elements suggested best books to read on everything to do with wood and charcoal fire!

    Chopping, storage, drying, cooking and outdoor living, it’s all covered with these excellent reads.

    If you need a little bit of guidance with your wood and outdoor skills, whether it is cutting and preparing your wood, or you just want to learn some great outdoor cooking techniques on live fire, then you will find what you need from these fantastic publications. I’ve been camping, cutting wood and cooking on wood for since I was a young lad (30+ years), and I’m still learning from the experts, and there is no reason that you can’t either.


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